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Thanksgiving Point - 2002

There are likely several errors in the following. I figured I'd either take pictures or take notes, of course I took pictures. ;-) Please email me if you see any errors and I will correct them.

Welcome to Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah. (Midway between Provo and SLC.)

I think a lot of growers had an "off year". In fact, of the growers that I remember from last year, nearly all, all but one, had a tough year. On the other hand, a lot of up-and-coming growers showed up this year.

I believe this growers name is Josh Wolfley, and the weight was 227. Great job!

Here's a few of my kids:

Elise in front of the Christensen 710 EXH.

Emily in front of the Christensen 810 EXH.

My oldest daughter Janel.

James in front of the 810. It was too hard to corner my other son Bryce.

Brian Christensen had a tough year with spilts. This pumpkin was entered as an exhibition, 810 pounds.

As well as this one, 710 EXH. Look at that color! As you can see, the rear end failed to develop. Can you imagine if the rear had developed, and it hadn't split? This is a very tall pumpkin, to get 710 without any rear...

Robin Henrie is a first year grower from Rigby, Idaho. Her pumpkin weighed in at 367.5.

I believe this grower's last name is Nelson. Like I say, its hard to write and shoot at the same time. (OK, I'm not a press guy...) 419.5

Likewise, Isrealson. Somebody please help me. I'm terrible with names. 452.5

Bruce Orchard had this nice colored 591. Alas, he was not able to "up" his own Utah record of 777. In fact, the Idaho and Utah records are safe this year...

But not Wyoming! Congratulations to Ron Hoffman who broke the Wyoming state record with this 648! He also won the Thanksgiving Point event!

As for me, my own pumpkin weighed 50 pounds light at 332. Wow, that and my Yankees were booted from the playoffs in the same day... Oh well, I'm still smiling.

Ryan Card won the squash event with this 337.

Here's the final results:

Cliff Warren