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Cliff's Grower Log -- October 2004

October 13

Just some notes... I'm planting. Cover crop of hairy vetch and buckwheat. I'm also putting in a garlic garden. Just can't get enough of this growing thing... I was hindered slightly as it appears the tractor needs a new water pump. While riding I get a shower of coolant. So, while I wait for the part to arrive, I'll just have to make due with the cover crop as it is.

Ah! Time for my annual "end of season notes". Things done well or done wrong, and what to try next year:

October 14

Ah, here is a little tidbit that I want to remember, so I'll publish it to the world in the process: I grew some pumpkins on sand, and others on styrofoam, and dirt. Those that grew on sand had flat bottoms (undersides) while those that grew on anything else formed a cavity underneath the pumpkin. This is a big advantage for growing on sand!


Cliff Warren