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Cliff's Grower Log -- Preseason ramblings... 2003

January 31

Genetics strategy - I've been thinking of genetic strategies for the coming year. I like the 922.5 Emmons. Even though it has tended to split for others, this seed really does grow 'em! Spliting is the least worry in my patch. At least for now, anyway.

I've also been studying the articles and lectures on genetics put out by Nic Welty, Joe Ailts, Mike Nepereny and others. Creating good seeds are a big part of my overall goal. Here is what I understand about the F1/F2 hybrid theory:

Anyway, I have plans for five plants, plus one true green squash this year.

Here is what is currently on the table: Three plants, each having a strong 705 Stelts background...

I think I can qualify any cross between these three as an F2 hybrid. For example, imagine crossing the 971 Zunino with the 922 Emmons - this is crossing it with it's own mother, a perfect F2. One exciting thing about the the 971, is that while the 922 shows a tendency to split, the 995 (father) grew some of the most solid fruit that I have seen. That is the purpose of the F1 hybrid, take an F2 and introduce something new that will improve the line.

Anyway, I like that "grouping". I like that there will be three plants there. In case there are troubles with any one plant, two others will be available to fill in and make the intended crosses.

The other set might be the 867 Mombert and the 710 Christensen:

Obviously, any cross in this group will be an F2. The 710 already is an F2, in fact.

I have some other seeds that are tempting me. An 821 Garrell (845 Bobier X Sib) Wow! A 1005 Mombert (723 X 846)... I think this could become a hot seed. Imagine crossing the 710 Christensen (big orange line) with the 821 (845 Bobier line, just plain big). Those, and many more are making my decision difficult.

February 14

That 821 Garrell (845 Bobier X sib) is tempting me more... With all that the 845 appears to be, everyone in the world who has some bit of it will be growing it this year. I quess why should I be any different?

Maybe I'll grow it, and make the father the 710, for color! That could be a very interesting cross of F2's...


Cliff Warren