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Cliff's Grower Log -- October 2002

October 3

Today is loading day. I'll have a few neighbors come over and help me lift the pumpkin onto the truck. Actually, we'll roll it onto a pallet, then lift the pallet onto the truck. No tarp needed, yet. Next year, I hope that I need to buy a tarp and arrange for a forklift. (Two of my neighbors use forklifts in their businesses. I have great neighbors!)

Then its off to Salt Lake City tomorrow. My mother lives there, so really the weighoff is a family getaway where the kids get to go spend the weekend with grandma.

Stay tuned. Super exciting weighoff pictures are coming!

October 4

Took final measurements last night, just after loading Freeze onto the pickup. 118+70+75=263, good for 380 pounds! After all I've been through this year, I'll take it.

October 7

Be sure to see the Thanksgiving Point recap. Personally I didn't do so well, with my entry (Freeze) coming in about 50 light at 332. There is always next year. I shall return...

October 8

Today's fantastic journal entry: "You know you're a giant pumpkin grower when, its just you and the pumpkin in the pickup, and you feel like you should be able to use the carpool lane on the freeway. After all, you're just driving a member of the family around..."

October 21

Here's a shot of Elise before our annual pumpkin party about a week ago.

That's about a wrap for this year. Now the heavy work begins, trying to build up this foul soil for next year. I never know when I can get a chance to work on it, but I'll do what I can. Its also time to daydream about those hot seeds, exotic wind and cold protection schemes, etc. I'll be making slight changes and updates to this site over the winter... but for the most part, see you next April!


Cliff Warren